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Labsard is a penetration testing firm that specializes in network, cloud, and web/mobile application testing.

We find weaknesses that put your company at risk and offer recommendations on how to prevent them as a deep-dive vulnerability scanning service. To develop the best penetration testing company in the market, we combine security research, unique tools, and industry-leading security professionals. So, whether you need help with the exterior net, complicated online apps, AWS cloud, or social engineering testing, we have the experts to help.

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What Sets Us Apart

Labsard offers the sector expertise to help a wide range of industries. We work with firms in healthcare, financial sectors, equipment / software creation, retail, and other industries on a daily basis. We can delve further and find small weaknesses that prior penetration testing organizations have overlooked by integrating this first-hand experience to your examination.


Management and Community

Our evaluation crew is enthusiastic and forward-thinking, with decades of expertise as leading penetration testers, app security professionals, reverse developers, and investigators.


Competent, polished analysis

We take pleasure in our paperwork and vulnerability inspection reports, which are often disregarded. Our papers successfully define both risk overview and susceptibility specifics, catering to both executive management and specialized developers.


Technological and Analytical Expertise

We’re continuously investigating, developing, and forging new ground in our persistent pursuit of innovative ideas. Every penetration tester participates in investigation to stay current with the latest advances.



To better identify and resolve our customers’ requirements, we engage directly with them.


Exceptional service

We endeavour to consistently provide the greatest level of personal service and to rise to the occasion.


A combative mindset

We use the most up-to-date cyber offensive information to assist detect and mitigate potential threats faster.

The security services offered by Labsard are created to give the critical help required to enhance your company’s cyber security capabilities.


Baku , Azerbaijan : 28 May.


+012 345 56 89 / 77 99