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What we do

Labsard offers you all kinds of Penetration Testing

Advanced Penetration Testing

Our Advanced Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments services help you spot risks and weaknesses.

Android Penetration Testing

As part of our penetration testing services, our crew has vast experience in mobile device testing. See how we detect security flaws in your equipment.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Our Cloud Penetration testing is used to evaluate a cloud system’s capabilities and vulnerabilities in order to increase its security posture.

Desktop Penetration Testing

We can evaluate the defence capabilities of your desktop software against real-world cyber attacks and fix any flaws.

Network Penetration Testing

Our network penetration testing includes gathering data from network gateways that reside among programs and the outside world. 

Penetration Testing Audit

Our penetration tests go further than auditing process and contingency planning by attempting to break into your system in the same way that a hacker would.

Ethical Penetration Testing

Labsard offers a defined plan in which we hack into your system and uncover weaknesses and gaps using all attack vectors.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Our Professional mobile security experts use a strict technique to establish the entire security status of mobile apps during penetration testing.

Black Box Penetration Testing

We concentrate on company operations, corporate logical issues, apps, and client services in Black Box Penetration Testing.

Penetration Testing Software

We use the best tools and software to guarantee the best results.  

SaaS Penetration Testing

We align our SaaS penetration testing methodology to assess the resilience of the target.  

Web Application Penetration Testing

To detect cyber security threats, we will analyse the architecture, design, and implementation of web applications.