Frequently asked questions

A penetration test (also known as a pen test) is a type of moral cyber security evaluation that identifies and securely exploits threats and risks in computer networks, structures, apps, and webpages so that any flaws found can be acknowledged and the threat of a malicious act reduced.

Following each interaction, the ethical hacker(s) randomly assigned to the testing will write a customized formal report highlighting the dangers of any holes discovered as well as proposed remedial activities. After the submittal, a thorough phone debriefing is done.

A penetration test is performed by who?
Labsard’s experienced red team of CREST certified cybersecurity professionals conducts pen testing and has a thorough awareness of the current risks and antagonistic approaches.

The price of a penetration test is determined by the amount of days it takes our security experts to complete an agreed-upon goal. You’ll need to fill out a pre-evaluation form to get a pen test quote, but Labsard’s¬†professionals can assist you with this.

A Labsard penetration test follows the most stringent full of technological ethical guidelines. Tests are designed to find and security flaws in a safe manner, with the least amount of disruption to company activities.

The length of time required an authorized user to finish a pen test is determined by the test’s breadth. Network scale, whether the test is foreign or domestic looking, whether actual penetration testing is involved, and whether networking data and login information are given to Labsard before to the penetration testing session are all factors that influence pentesting time.

Many kinds of pen testing can be carried out remotely using a VPN service, but some examinations, such as corporate network penetration tests and cordless pentesting, may necessitate the presence of an application programmer on site.