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We can discover, expose, and investigate any existing flaws or security gaps inside your company key functions, infrastructures, or networks utilizing our Penetration Testing service.

While weaknesses can be incorporated into your organization’s networks over time, criminal cyber attackers are constantly creating new techniques of execution.

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Advanced Penetration Testing

Advanced cyber penetration testing discovers security flaws in technologies, networks, and staff education and skills, then contains suggestions for eliminating those threats.

Android penetration testing

Android penetration testing is the practice of identifying security flaws in an Android application

cloud penetration testing

Cloud penetration testing is the technique of conducting a targeted cyber-attack to uncover security flaws in a cloud system.

desktop application penetration testing

If not properly developed and secured, desktop apps can offer a distinct set of security and management threats. 

network penetration testing

Network penetration testing is the act of detecting security flaws in software and services by employing a variety of hostile approaches to assess the network’s safety, or absence thereof.

Penetration testing audit

A security audit usually entails comparing the risk level of a product or software to a set of criteria or thresholds. Benchmarks are the absolute lowest degree of security, whereas requirements are necessary guidelines.

Ethical penetration testing

Ethical hacking is a broad phrase that encompasses all hacking techniques as well as other cyber warfare techniques.

mobile penetration testing

As a security testing technique, Mobile Application Penetration Test Procedure examines security outer perimeter inside a mobile context.

black box penetration testing

Black box pen testing is used to assess a system’s vulnerability to external elements that could be exploited by an external attacker to compromise the network’s safety.

penetration testing software

Some of the tools we’ve described are akin to Swiss Army knives, capable of assisting you with a variety of various types of pen tests, while others are more specialized.

Saas penetration testing

Penetration testing for SaaS is an in-depth examination of all aspects of a SaaS organization to find and remedy undisclosed security flaws.

web application penetration testing

Online application penetration testing entails a sequence of processes aimed at acquiring data about the targeted network, identifying flaws or flaws, and researching solutions.

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Pen Testing

While weaknesses can be incorporated into your organization’s networks over time, criminal cyber attackers are constantly creating new techniques of execution.

We can discover these risks before they have an influence on the company by combining automatic safety assessment and qualitative penetration testing. This will safeguard your clients and your company, ensuring consumer trust, availability, and company sustainability.


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Labsard network comprises certified penetration experts as well as non-accredited experts who provide significant cybersecurity solutions at low pricing. These professionals aim to discover loopholes and disclose gaps in your organization’s architecture, apps, procedures, and personnel using vulnerability scanning methods, before generating a summary on their discoveries.

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Penetration Testing with Labsard

What is the definition of network penetration testing?

Broadly defined, penetration testing simulates what a skilled attacker could be capable of achieving when attempting to infiltrate your networks, websites, or other internet-connected equipment. A penetration test’s sole objective is to assist you find weaknesses so you can fix them before a professional cybercriminal uses them versus your actual business.

Pen tests will find real weaknesses on your networks or webpages and disclose them to you in a way that empowers you to address them prior criminals can exploit them. Hiring qualified and accredited pen testers, such as Labsard’s, will help you remain dominant of security and enhance privacy of personal information in the long run.

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Penetration Tests

What are the benefits of hiring skilled penetration testers?

Labsard employs CREST-certified professionals. If you hire the services with no security credentials to do penetration testing, you risk disrupting company’s processes and incurring huge expenses. Our professionals can apply their extensive understanding of cybersecurity to all aspects of your IT architecture. Our entire cyber security team has worked on various IT security projects for significant companies around the world. Our network vulnerability experts have the following key competencies:

1) Preventing Data Breach

Following the completion of a penetration test, you will be given a list of all weaknesses, rated by degree and consequence. It’s common for an expert to attack a single weakness before pivoting into the system and probing your architecture and confidential material. Sometimes, swivels into the system will reveal critical information that you might not have imagined an external or system penetration tester could access. With our testers’ networking experience, you can rest confident that we will filter out any possible attack technique that could be utilized to disclose information and notify you so that you can prevent it from occurring.

In the defence sector, this is referred to as aggressive protection because we are attempting to penetrate a victim and extract confidential material. You can also perform preventative protection, which entails putting in place pre-emptive defence security protocols to lessen the likelihood of a compromise or to minimize its damage. Labsard’s security staff is knowledgeable in both offence and defence security approaches, which is where a system safety analyst can be invaluable.

Customers who seek the best in web security testing can turn to Labsard for Web App Penetration Testing. To guarantee that we uncover any prospective OWASP best ten weaknesses, we perform our web application pen testing utilizing the newest OWASP Vulnerability Scanning technologies. To obtain a good outcome, we will cooperate with you to sketch out the certification objectives to meet your budgetary and schedule restrictions. You will obtain a thorough penetration testing analysis after the testing is completed.

2) Security Measures

Our security analysts will utilize rational vulnerability scanning techniques to analyse each hardware for flaws, whether it’s an app, website, gateway, or networking appliances. We specialize in information acquisition and recognizing trends in the replies provided by your gateways or apps in order to identify weaknesses. A cybersecurity analyst will outperform any other standard network professional in this area, adding significant worth to the pen test.

3) Ethics

Many PCI-DSS exams now include vulnerability scanning as a prerequisite. Penetration testing and quarterly vulnerability assessments to PCI and other guidelines and procedures will be performed by network security specialists, guaranteeing that you accomplish and keep the current level of security necessary to meet and retain the PCI-DSS guidelines. Your telecom companies will gain a new degree of consciousness of safety concepts and processes as a result of the information and awareness they would supply.


We Prepare for cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks are now increasing, and security breaches are increasingly happening on a regular basis. It’s extremely essential that your company or organization has a robust cybersecurity safeguard and occurrence preparedness plan to recognise, ameliorate and halt these threats.

You won’t know how to develop unless you understand where your limitations are. Penetration testing can assist you in achieving and understanding your situation, as well as developing a specific framework for achieving your risk approach model in the future.


System of Monitoring

Our penetration testing papers provide a technological and administrative overview that advises you about your company’s overall security. It also includes a contextualized and prioritized list of findings and weaknesses that can be remedied and mitigated effectively.

Our studies will provide you with information on present quality standards, equipment and software concerns, concerns, and future upgrades for hardening services and improving your defence capabilities.

Customized strategies for your company

At Labsard, we’re all about using modern technologies to make a change for our consumers. IoT, Cyber security, ICT, network communication, are among the services offered by this creative company. We’re here to help our clients enhance their companies and services by leveraging technological advances to make them more functional, productive, and cost-effective.