Network Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a Network Security Service that is used to avoid unauthorized network infiltration.

Penetration testing, often known as pen testing (or vulnerability scanning), is a technique for doing security testing on a network infrastructure used by a company or other organization. Pen tests use several approaches to search a network for possible risks and then test them to make sure they’re legitimate.

When penetration testing is done correctly, the findings enable network experts to provide suggestions for resolving connectivity issues uncovered during the pen test. The primary objective of the pen test is to enhance the network safety as well as provide defence from potential attacks for the overall infrastructure and linked endpoints.

Penetration testing aids in the detection of network weaknesses. This implies that there is a distinction to be made among vulnerability scanning assessments. The phrases penetration testing and vulnerability analysis are frequently misunderstood and utilized indiscriminately when they have multiple definitions.

A pen test entails the deployment of authorized attacks on a system to demonstrate the existence of a vulnerability flaw. The practice of examining network infrastructure and the activities they can offer possible safety issues is known as vulnerability analysis.

Penetration tests are aimed to go further than vulnerability analysis by simulating the exact scenario that a criminal would use to break into a system. A risk evaluation is done throughout a pen test, although it is just one of numerous approaches used in a thorough penetration test.



Simply said, penetration testing is a model of a scammer’s strike on a corporate system, associated equipment, networking technologies, or a business site. The simulation’s goal is to find cybersecurity flaws before cybercriminals can find them and attack them.

Pen tests discover and verify real security breaches, as well as the methods through which cybercriminals might discover and leverage those issues. A pen test method, when followed regularly, will advise your company about the holes in your security framework. This guarantees that your company can strike the right balance among upholding the principles of networking privacy and guaranteeing uninterrupted company’s operations in the event of a security breach. The outcomes of a penetration test can also help your company anticipate better for company interruption and catastrophe restoration.

Pen tests are similar to the techniques used by cybercriminals to assault a system, with the exception that they are conducted without malevolent intention. As a result, network experts should obtain necessary authorization from leaders and managers before conducting a network pen test. Furthermore, if the penetration test is not well prepared and contains insufficient elements, it may affect the company stability and operational requirements.



Penetration testing involves a number of processes, the most important of which is the implementation plan. Network experts analyse relevant information, network requirements, numerous situations of bandwidth utilization, and other sorts of essential paperwork throughout the project planning. The data is then utilized to create a set of vulnerability test scenarios.

Network experts gather data from network gateways that reside among programs and the outside world. This covers network interfaces, interface design, APIs, and any other entry locations that are a perfect candidate for attacks. If the connections aren’t constructed properly, cybercriminals will have an easy time breaking into a system. This is why identifying and documenting a network adapter is such a critical first step.

Problems and user notifications
All interactions linked with user warnings and problem notifications are also recorded by network specialists. An outsourced employee can receive data through a software program. It is critical for networking experts to determine how and what data is being disclosed to multiple stakeholders if the authorized party has evil intentions.

Recognition of Catastrophic Events
Network specialists define numerous catastrophic events during the planning process to reach a good picture of what a network intrusion might involve. The data comes from particular network attack scenarios as well as any prior knowledge vulnerabilities.

The data acquired during the scheduling phase aids networking experts in their penetration testing efforts. The testing phase is all about variety, and it looks for diverse factors in computer programs and the surroundings. To assess the reaction, the test entails changing these features. This guarantees that software apps work in both normal and extreme conditions.

When it comes to general security, the major places where differences might reveal security problems concerns are experience for the customer, the involves managing, which includes computer resources, documents and apps, and the system’s functional reasoning and facts. When data is changed throughout a pen test, safety concerns are identified and confirmed, allowing corrective action to be performed.


A network security specialist has been specially practiced in order to do vulnerability scanning and other system evaluations efficiently. Pen tests that are conducted incorrectly, as we said before in this essay, can be harmful to an organization’s normal company activities. An information security expert’s abilities comprise, but are not restricted to, the following:

Prevent the occurrence of Security Breach
When a pen test is carried out correctly and in a harmless way to mimic a networking vulnerability, your company will be aware of possible security threats. The penetration test is comparable to an emergency preparedness or fire alarms in that it ensures your company is ready in case of a calamity.


Safety For Applications
It is critical to do a risk evaluation anytime your company launches a new app. If the app’s primary function is to handle sensitive information, it’s a no-brainer to have a networking security expert conduct the security audit to avoid an unintentional data leak.

This renders hiring a network safety expert less expensive than exposing confidential material like consumer or health details as a consequence of a software product flaw.

Testing for System Security.
Some security mechanisms employed on your corporate network are well-known to network security experts. Encrypted procedures, firewalls, data backup, multi-layered security procedures, and more are among the safeguards. A network security professional has the training and information needed to undertake appropriate vulnerability testing to guarantee that network security safeguards are in place.

Management OF Evaluation Process
Penetration testing has never been completed in a single session. Instead, measuring just how your security architecture is doing must be a continuous activity. Also, it aids your company in being conscious of any vulnerabilities in the security framework that may present at any particular time.

Data protection imposes an additional, such as the Card Payment Sector Data Protection Standard (PCI DSS) and many others, might be highly stringent based on the association. A network safety expert can guarantee that your successfully performed with industry-specific standards and guidelines. They can also provide efficient solutions if there are any problems with your corporate connection.


Which Procedures are involved in Network Penetration Testing?

When it relates to efficient pen testing, a number of different approaches are used. Based on the kind of communication network, any or all of these approaches may be employed.

Black Box Pen Testing
A black box penetration test is one that is performed without any understanding of the technological elements of the network. Ethical hackers must undertake extensive network investigation in order to discover the best strategy to organize a realistic assault in this testing method.

Penetration testing with a black box simulates a more complex network vulnerability. Companies who wish to remain on top of what cybercriminals are competent of doing in a short amount of time adopt this strategy.

White Box Pen Testing
When networking specialists have collected all the data that is relevant to a network and its design, they conduct white box penetration testing. This form of pen test is like an assessment and takes a holistic set of security screening. Organizations who want to guarantee that every component of their system is as safe and secure undertake this type of penetration tests.

Grey Box Pen Testing
The Grey Box method to penetration testing is based on a channel’s proprietary data, such as technical information, access privileges passwords, and so on. A more complex network operation can be conducted depending on the internal data obtained to see what happens when cybercriminals get access to important information. Grey Box pen tests are a standard technique that delivers extensive security assessment in a smaller duration of time than more complex White Box pen testing procedure.

These are the most common penetration testing approaches. Other remote monitoring techniques, including such vulnerability scanning, port scanning, and other techniques, are frequently used to assess information security.

Advantages of Network Pentesting

Comprehensive Protection
The Labsard team can identify a number of high-risk vulnerabilities that are caused by a mixture of lower-severity flaws. Before an enemy can attack your system, we discover all complicated security flaws and configuration issues.

More Than Scanning
Beyond automatic scanning, our highly skilled, skilled, and accredited team of experts perform human vulnerability scanning and mimic genuine attacks against your app.

Proven and effective outcomes
Depending on the potential vulnerabilities and severity of each discovery, our analysis assists you in prioritizing remedial activities on proven flaws (zero false positive ( fp). It also gives a full discussion of each discovery, as well as a remedial plan that can be implemented.

Connectivity or network security assessment phases
The range and circumstances of the auditing process are defined in the first step. The essential data, as well as any technological capabilities, will be given on to the pen test group during the audit’s preparatory phase. Before the pen tests begin, an enhanced evacuation strategy is prepared in order.

While the outside strategy involves performing tests online, the inside method necessitates the pen testers’ presence on the inspected event site.

The findings reviews allow the found weaknesses, as well as their actual effect on the business and technological remedies to repair these issues, to be presented.

Penetration testing of exterior network

An external vulnerability assessment of a network includes identifying the pieces of the data technology that are accessible from outside. This sort of pen test comprises the following:

  • Public ports on several sites are analysed (port scans and identification of services)
  • The investigation for faults in the setup of the products currently available
  • The discovery of weaknesses in the system design of the running equipment built on the hosts

Internal network vulnerability assessment
A corporate network audit begins with a network diagram, followed by security testing on the detected pieces. Servers, networks, gateways, user desktops, printers, and any other networked device can therefore give important data to an adversary or even offer secure remote entry to other services.


The followings are used in the pen tests:

  • Recognizing services at risk
  • A deficiency of encryption software was discovered.
  • Identifying inadequate privileges handling
  • Detecting and processing messages to assess information security
  • Monitoring networking or internal Web app configuration issues

It is also conceivable to incorporate social manipulation experiments that may be carried out by an adversary on the grounds of the business.

Cyber hackers’ strategies for exploiting flaws in an operational device or software develop as technology improves. Social engineering assaults, SQL injections, legacy systems, improperly set defences, and ransomware are just a few instances of these problems.

Certain security breaches could reveal important documents, resulting in infringements, negative news, and, of all, a loss of consumer confidence. Security breaches that result in the loss of next season’s dining selection, on the other hand, may not constitute as much of a risk to a corporation. Identify the risk tiers for multiple networks so that funding is available appropriately.

The total cyber security condition of a company’s equipment, programming, networking, information, and operations is referred to as nation’s security. Security mechanisms, information assurance, and the ability to respond and recuperate from attacks are all part of it. Before companies can aspire to enhance existing security protocols, they must first examine and record them. A robust security stance can assist corporate executives in making appropriate choices and increasing general credibility.



The bottom line is that pen testing is well worth the expense for any SMB that wishes to have calmness that their networks is safe and that their regular company dealings will remain even if their connection is disrupted. Pen testing is similar to quality checks before they are introduced to the market.

Companies test cars before putting them on the marketplace to guarantee that they are safe. This entails placing the vehicle through a series of modelled collisions to guarantee that it will be secure in the case of a genuine collision.

The same principles apply to network attack pen testing. It is hard to guarantee safety in the case of a cyber breach if you do not test the security measures and core network before to use. This is why pen tests are beneficial to companies of all sizes.


Network Penetration Testing Solution by Labsard

Recognizing and dealing with cyber security challenges might help your firm avoid real-world computer hackers. Labsard Security professionals offer the expertise and understanding necessary to improve the safety of the system. To find security flaws, our ethical hackers work like cybersecurity professionals. Our security experts will provide recommendations for resolving concerns as the ultimate result of the testing procedure after conducting rigorous pen testing and vulnerability assessment. While technological suggestions may be included, they could incorporate systems and procedures for critical material or staff training on how to avoid fraud, create complex credentials, and so on.



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