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Ethical hacking is a broad phrase that encompasses all hacking techniques as well as other cyber warfare techniques. Labsard provides a unique structured activity in which we use all attack vectors to break into your network and find flaws and gaps. This helps us to close the loopholes before thieves may abuse them. In comparison to pen testing, the methodology is significantly broader.

Experts who practice ethical hacking must be distinguished from black-hat hackers that are out to cause harm. With their knowledge of the network, ethical hackers will not only find flaws, but will also research and recommend security-related approaches to adopt.

Penetration Testing vs. Ethical Hacking


Pen-testing aims to identify safety flaws and exploits in the specified IT platform. Typically, it is not performed on the successful program or IT architecture. It aims to inform businesses on how their security devices react to real-time threats and to recommend ways to improve them.


Ethical hacking uses a variety of tactics and assault routes to identify as many internal weaknesses and external problems as feasible in the IT system. It aims to offer a comprehensive assessment of cyber security. In compared to pen-testers who produce a summary with recommendations once the testing is completed, ethical hackers offer greater remedial and threat reduction help.



Penetration testing is frequently performed on certain facets of the IT platform specified for assessment, rather than the full infrastructure, due to financial and scheduling restrictions. Pen-testing provides a focused and point-in-time examination. Therefore, only the targeted networks’ safety faults and vulnerabilities are discovered at any particular time.


Ethical hacking has a greater reach and evaluates the IT surroundings over a prolonged period. As a result, there is room in the ecosystem to uncover as many securities weakness as feasible. Ethical hacking is a subgroup of pen testing.


Necessary Authorizations

Since webservice pen-testing and other kinds of pen-testing are focused, analysts only need entry and privileges to the networks and regions they’re testing. The researcher needs accessibility and privileges to a wide range of networks and locations in order to perform ethical hacking.

What are the main ethical hacking notions?

Four important protocol characteristics are followed by hackers:


Continue to follow the rules.

Before acquiring and conducting a security evaluation, be sure you have the right permission.


Set the parameters.

Define the level of the evaluation to ensure that the ethical hacker’s activity is acceptable within the company’s allowed limits.


Notify us of any flaws.

Inform the company about any security flaws throughout the audit. Offer advice on how to fix the problems.


Data privacy should be respected.

Ethical hackers may be forced to sign a non-disclosure contract in extra to the information and limits placed by the inspected company, based on the importance of the material.


Ethical hackers use their abilities to secure and improve systems for businesses. By looking for data breaches that can result in a data leak, they serve a crucial purpose for these businesses.


An ethical hacker informs the business of the vulnerabilities they have discovered. They also make recommendations for correction. To ensure that the dangers have been fully handled, the ethical hacker frequently does a re-test with the business’s approval.


For monetary benefit or individual notoriety, cybercriminals seek unauthorized permissions (the more delicate, the greater). For pleasure, reputational harm, or monetary reward, some cybercriminals vandalize webpages or disrupt backbone systems. The techniques adopted and the weaknesses discovered are yet unknown. They are unconcerned with the safety position of the business.


Before to any vulnerability scanning efforts, the range and objectives must be specified in depth and decided on.


Learn everything you can about your objective.
Every ethical hacker starts their asset hacking (for the purposes of discussion, including social manipulation approaches) by knowing everything they could about pen test victims. IP addresses, OS versions, apps, numeric values, patch levels, advertising network connections, individuals, or anything else that could lead to an attack are all on their minds. An ethical hacker who spends just a few seconds searching at a resource is unlikely to miss an obvious and immediate weakness. Even if they don’t see anything evident, they could use knowledge gained during detection for further study and assault attempts.


Hack into the value driver as an attack.
This is the “break-in” for which the ethical hacker is compensated. The penetration test must attack a weakness to obtain illegal entry using the data gathered during the investigation stage. If the hacker is unable to gain access to a certain resource, they must move on to other items within the range.  

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